All kinds of weapons in CS: GO

In the CS: GO multiplayer shooter, weapons are the main component and there are a lot of them. However, for an effective game of knowledge that the AWP – sniper rifle, Karambit – knife, and Glock 18 – a gun is not enough. It is necessary to consider the parameters of each type of weapon CS: GO separately. In particular, the cost, speed, ease of use, reward for killing the enemy, the spread in the shooting and the range of damage. Despite the fact that Counter Strike: Global Offensive is a free game, there are exclusive and rare modifications of the weapons, worth several thousand U.S. dollars. The total number of weapons in CS: GO is about 80 types.

Such a number of weapons allows the player to choose the best solution depending on the situation. All kinds of weapons in CS: GO are designed for different teams and certain rounds. Exactly this number of weapons and military equipment puts Counter Strike: Global Offensive on the first place in the category “The Most Variable Games”. The best case to open in csgo 2020 will help you to learn more about the game.

Types of weapons in CS: GO

All CS: GO weapons are divided into 8 main types so that the player could quickly understand the weapons on the trading floor:

  1. Knives.
  2. Pistols.
  3. Shotguns.
  4. Submachine guns.
  5. Assault rifles.
  6. Sniper rifles.
  7. Machine guns.
  8. Grenades.

However, in addition to the main types of weapons in CS: GO, there is a separate category – additional equipment, which is used by the command of special forces or terrorists to increase the chances of victory.

Close combat

The silent combat knife is virtually immune to physical damage. Attack from the back allows quietly and quickly kill the enemy. The game provides only 10 knives. The cost of weapons in CS: GO (close combat) is $0. All types of knives are available to the teams of terrorists and special forces. Armor penetration is up to 85%.


Shotguns are a separate type of firearm in CS: GO, which is not particularly popular with players and is an extremely situational option in the round. But they are well suited for short-range and indoor shooting, as there is no need to aim – shotguns fly over a small area.

Machine pistols

Probably the most common weapon in CS: GO in force-rounds. Submachine guns are the best option if there are not enough funds for a full purchase. However, they have poor aiming and low rate of fire (compared to assault rifles or machine guns), as well as quite strong bullet spread.

Assault rifles

Assault rifles are one of the most popular categories of firearms in CS: GO, as most users choose this type. Professional gamers prefer assault rifles because of the huge range of single shot and accuracy, as well as the high damage and availability of some modifications of the telescope sight.

Sniper Rifles

Sniper rifles are elite weapons in CS: GO, because the bullet fired from the rifles can hit the target even through an obstacle. They are light, almost silent and deal maximum damage – up to 115 units. Thanks to its powerful optics, this weapon has an “unlimited” range of sight.

Machine guns

Machine guns are one of the most unclaimed types of rapid fire weapons in CS: GO. There are several objective reasons for this. Firstly, they are very expensive, secondly, they are heavy (greatly slows down the movement), and thirdly, they have a strong kickback tendency.


Grenades belong to the category of tactical weapons in CS: GO, because depending on the type they can: inflict huge damage, for a time to blind the enemy, create a smoke curtain in a separate area or just force your opponents to retreat, which gives you a few seconds of time to attack.

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