Avengers: Endgame review

After clicking Thanos at the end of the “War of Infinity” half of all life in the universe turned to dust. Someone is trying to accept the loss, someone after the loss of loved ones goes crazy. And the remnants of the Avengers, the space raccoon Rocket and the arrived pager call Captain Marvel are trying to find a way to fix it. But for this they need to find Thanos and take the Stones away from him – at any cost. New film has a lot of different soundtracks and a lot of people are looking for avengers lyrics now.

The new Avengers found themselves in a position that even the loudest and most anticipated blockbusters of the last one did not dream of in a nightmare, we don’t know the centuries (only the seventh Star Wars comes to mind, but even there the situation is simpler). Together with a huge reverence for the film for its very existence – not everyone believed in the ability of Feige and the teams to put an end (or at least a fat comma) in their grandiose plan – there is an even more impressive burden of responsibility. Minefield of theories and plots, which in the view of the viewer can easily be more interesting than what they see in the end: the fan fantasy had a whole year to catch up to play out and build the most insane expectations.

All past experience of Marvel here works as a musical resonator – it enhances any hit of the “Endgame”, but it makes every wrong note louder and more painful

The film is generally easy to imagine as an ultimatum collection of all the advantages and disadvantages of the film universe, which together accumulate in a three-hour epic. From the first – a familiar drive and an entertaining game with characters, a one-dimensional, but spectacular exhibition of popular achievements, where every “cool” hero looks even cooler, but every boring forest strives to suck all the joy out of screen space. From the second – too obvious sociality (there is, for example, an ugly frame, where all the superwomen line up to show that they are here, yes, are present) and offensively little attention to action-based expressiveness. For a blockbuster of unprecedented scale, the “Endgame” looks not so cheap, but not very impressive either: Disney generally began to save a lot on CGI and effective directors.

After the “War of Infinity”, which has found a fresh intonation within the MCU, the “Endgame” may even seem a bit regressive – it is not trying to show anything new or too unexpected. But, in general, good finals of good serials (which, undoubtedly, the Marvel cinema universe is) should work: to summarize, not complicate, but to simplify the already overloaded with events and heroes narrative. That is why it was so important to find directors like the Russo brothers — thorough artisans capable of unraveling the gigantic ambitions of the mega story with a warm heart and a cool head.

At the same time, despite the obvious superiority of the most important task over the history itself, the “Endgame” is surprisingly dramatic

Let, with the exception of details, the denouement is more or less clear to everyone (especially with the knowledge of what kind of sequels have already been put into production), live suspense does not go anywhere – good, the script bits are arranged with the same academic flair. At the best moments, the film makes you forget about how important it is in large contexts, how epochal, huge and incredible it is, getting rid of all emotional add-ons and lets you experience a story with an almost childlike immediacy. And with children’s questions in my head: not “How will they finish the story, leaving a place for sequels?” But naive “How will the heroes cope with this and how can they save the world if everything is evil and everything is against them?” For a film of such a scale and such information redundancy, this is perhaps the main merit. There are also a lot of interesting soundtracks, that can be found here https://www.stlyrics.com. Music is a very important part of Marvel universe.