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Why You Need an MVP for your Mobile App?

The mobile app is an integral part of any business these days. While decided to add one for your business, then there are two options you have while consider developing mobile application development. One is a traditional method and other is the Minimum Viable Product (MVP) method.

Definitive Guide of Mobile App Design

Many of the customer-first businesses today are leaning more and more towards mobile apps for expanding their business. And why shouldn’t they? It’s been recorded that users spend 90% of their time interacting with one or the other mobile app as compared to surfing on the internet.

Overview of Adult Apps 2019

Modern reality is extremely ambiguous. Getting a girl or a man is getting harder. To find a suitable couple for living together, you need to seriously try. Many will agree that the ideal place to find a partner is a job, study, or event where people with similar interests gather. But not every person has …

Advantages of VPS servers

Purchasing and maintaining your own servers requires a lot of financial investment. Therefore, an alternative hardware resource is VPS (Virtual Private Server). Cloud servers as part of this infrastructure can be the optimal solution for many companies: The cost of the service is distributed between tenants; High performance; Independence from neighbors. What is a cloud …

The Hard Part about Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is not an easy subject. I have been in the digital marketing space for more than 10 years, and I am still learning new tools and new digital marketing tactics. However, with time, learning new tools becomes easy. Learning new concepts becomes easy.

Aladdin 2019 Review

STORY: A notorious ‘street rat’ Aladdin, feels a deep sense of connection with the Princess of the kingdom he resides in, but upon reaching her palace, he realises that winning her over is going to be tougher than he had imagined.  REVIEW: A local thief Aladdin (Mena Massoud), from the kingdom of Agrabah, falls in love with …