Common marketing misconceptions on Instagram

The Internet is full of different tips, guides and strategies for successful marketing. Unfortunately, so many opinions confuse users, and advice sometimes even contradicts each other. We decided to voice a few common marketing myths that may be irrelevant to your business or even distort reality.

You should not buy followers on Instagram

If you want to grow your account, you should find a few thousand followers first anyway. Otherwise, the potential target audience will ignore your account. The more followers you have, the more interesting this account will seem to your visitors. So it makes sense to buy instagram followers when you start working on your project, or if you want to increase the number of followers to raise the status of your account.

You need a huge budget for advertising

Yes, there are major projects that require serious financial resources. With a budget of $10 a month, getting a return on your contextual advertising will not be easy. However, there are more affordable and free ways to promote. For example:

  • Partnerships with other stores;
  • Quality content. Ideally, creative viral content. Shoot stories, write interesting texts – it’s free and effective;
  • Automated promotion of Instagram;
  • Advertising by barter from small bloggers. Cost of goods and shipping is a good option for affordable advertising for a store starter.

Starting out completely without a budget is, of course, very difficult. However, with a budget of under $100 a month, there are very good quality promotional options.

Constant testing is needed

Testing is an important part of marketing, but it is only useful if there is a large amount of traffic. If the flow of traffic to your resource has not yet – focus on expanding its coverage. Don’t jump into testing until you’ve collected data on a noticeable number of audiences. Don’t forget that constantly jumping from one theory to another is also not a good idea. Any testing requires distance. And while the data is being accumulated, you can always engage in useful activities that don’t require testing: spending more time working through your social media content, shooting stories, coming up with improvements for your product, and so on.

All items are subject to testing

You’ve probably heard these beautiful stories: the marketing department of a huge corporation did a study and changed the color of the “Make Order” button, which increased conversion rates by 12.5%. Every detail on your site is extremely important, and so on. Yes, details are important. But don’t focus on color-coding one button if you have a small business or just a fledgling Instagram store that you’re running on your own. You don’t have entire departments working on your design and marketing, and you don’t have the right amount of traffic or resources. Test only those elements that can bring noticeable results over a short distance. The order of the blocks, the content of the text, the price. Believe me, it will be a long time before you come to the optimal setting of the basic parameters. Concentrate on what’s important.

Negative feedback is very bad

Having negative reviews is normal. They don’t need to be feared; they need to be dealt with. Overly perfect reviews today raise suspicions about their sincerity. Mixed reviews with a reasonable preponderance in the positive side are much better received. It’s enough to show your audience that you’re working with negative customer experiences. Be sure to respond, deal with the situation, and learn to compromise. And you’ll see that negative feedback isn’t scary at all. That way your instagram followers uk will see that you are willing to correct your mistakes and rush to help each of your clients.