ESports betting

You have set out to become a master of the alluring world of eSports betting and now you think where to start? What is all these “DotA 2” and “Counter Strike” and how do they differ? How to start a person who wants to put some money on the outcome of the game, and what discipline should choose?

Formally, it is assumed that the history of eSports began in 1997, when the International Federation held the first matches for the game “Quake”.

Nevertheless, there is at least one more date claiming the title of “birthday of eSports” – 1999, when the first mass StarCraft competitions took place in South Korea. It was as if this was not enough: in 2000, the international league World Cyber ​​Games announced its appearance, which until 2014 held immense international competitions in several categories at once. In any case, immediately after the appearance of eSports spawned a tote – the first bets began to be taken back in 1997 on the outcome of the matches in Quake.

A lot of time has passed since then, the number of disciplines (and, therefore, the rates for them) has increased significantly.

Today, four main games are the most popular among players

First and foremost, of course, the first and second of the StarCraft series – for example, in South Korea, they were elevated to the rank of professional sport. In this country, there are entire TV channels that broadcast championships all day, discuss the tactics of players, “rising stars”, interview with professional players, etc. League of Legends is equally popular, with tens of millions of people from all over the world. It competes with the genre-like “DotA 2”, attracting millions of players. Closes the top four leaders of “Counter Strike”, whose popularity has somewhat shaken after the mass release of the games of the series “Call of Duty”. If you are looking for some really good place to make some eSports bets you can just play casino online free.

Among the games that are gaining momentum, it is important to pay attention on the Belarusian World of Tanks, and local Quake Live championships in Europe and the USA. In addition, for the past few years, Blizzard, responsible for the release of StarCraft, has been trying to push its new games into the eSports arena – Heroes of the Storm and Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft. Finally, EA Games publishing house diligently supports the interest of cybersportsmen in their own FIFA series.

One of the most important indicators to which attention should be paid when betting on a particular player is its reaction rate indicator

These data are regularly measured at competitions and laid out in the network, and the professionals themselves actively brag about them, so it’s not difficult to find them. So, for a professional player, it is 0.13–0.15 seconds. The indicator 0.18–0.2 is found among novice players and generally indicates that a person has room to grow and the bet made on him can both lose and quite unexpectedly win, bringing good money. Well, for comparison: in the ordinary man in the street, this figure ranges from 1 to 3 seconds. If you want to bet on the team, be sure to find out who their sponsor is, how long it takes to charge and what tactics they prefer.

The second important indicator for cybersportsman is his age

Before making any bets, examine the composition of the teams and find out how old is each member of the team. The most productive age for a professional player’s career is 22-23 years. Players in “DotA 2” or “LoL” end their careers as early as 25-26 years old – then the person’s reaction time starts to deteriorate and even a less experienced, but more fierce opponent can beat him. Therefore, on the one hand, it is reasonable to put on a professional in his prime. On the other hand, consider the possibility of betting on a young talent, which, having won only a few games, nevertheless, has a chance to bypass the titled pro, because of his age, which turned out to be too slow.