How does the website design affect the attraction of potential customers?

Website for a lawyer. You can invest in its development, and then forget about the money, and that you have your own website. Because it does not affect your business. There is another option. You can develop a thoughtful and optimized resource, so you have another source of customer acquisition. The website helps to receive orders from people who are used to looking for services on the Internet. In addition, it convinces potential customers who have learned about you offline and would like to get more information about your competence and experience in the network.

How to start the creation of a law firm website design?

We believe that you need to think about the structure first. You need to decide what sections on the website will be, how pages with a description of services will look, how best to design pages for a blog, etc.

It is quite difficult task but you can make it easier:

1. Hire an intelligent web-studio that will help with the preparation of the structure and all the other tips.

2. Examine competitors. Especially pay attention to the websites of those organizations that are on the first page of the search results in your region for requests related to your specialization. If, for example, you are engaged in taxes, enter the query “tax attorney” or “tax lawyer”, or “consult a tax attorney” or “settle tax disputes” into the search.

You can study competitors manually and with the help of special tools. Today you can use one of a dozen services, created specifically for a thorough analysis of competitors in the search.

An effective specialist website (group of specialists) that provides legal services should consist of:

  1. The main page with a serious professional design and thoughtful texts. Legal marketing – one of those areas where you can not save on the authors.
  2. Service pages. Each page is a well-thought-out structure, a neat convincing design, an order form.
  3. Blog. A blog is an opportunity to get customers without investing hundreds of thousands of dollars and months in pumping commercial inquiries with very strong competition.
  4. Special section with cases.

Now about the blog.

  1. We have already said that a blog is a relatively inexpensive way to get customers. It is also a relatively quick way to get customers. Even if you invest money in a competent SEO-promotion, you need to wait at least several months before the first customers will come to your website. One well-developed article with useful fresh information and tips can lead customers literally in a week after the creation of the website.
  2. If the laws regarding a particular topic that you reviewed on the blog have been updated in the future, then you shouldn’t write a new article for them. Add new data to the old article. And update the dates in the meta tags. Good for SEO, good for your readers (potential customers).
  3. Link the information in the article to your experience. Tell not only what you can read on the Internet, but also about how things really are. What will happen when it comes to a real trial, what unexpected difficulties may arise, etc.
  4. Do not forget to add a button to the page template for a blog article. You might think that the person who came to your website and read a very useful article and so will find a way to contact you. Unfortunately, this happens very rarely. Need a noticeable button right before your eyes with a call to action. Let it be in the middle (it is possible and at the end) of an information article, but it is always useful.

The website has to make money. But first you need to study the best websites on the market, take the most effective elements from them, add your unique designs, carefully think up the main page, the services page, the blog and the case section. The sooner you start developing a serious good website, the better.