How to find a mentor in sports betting

Every novice player comes to the world of sports betting with a complete lack of understanding of the case. It is very difficult for him to understand all the tournaments, matches, odds, various types of bets and so on. If you try to master everything yourself, it can take months or even years to study. Of course, as a result you will get a lot of experience and if you can hold out for so long, then there will be a real chance to become a professional. But it is precisely on this path that many simply give up and see no point in continuing on. As you know, in any case, the most important thing is to be able to properly begin and gradually build up your professionalism. The easiest way is to quit a new occupation for the first couple of days, but if there is an endurance and a clear goal, then going through this test will be much easier.

Many novice betters, looking for an easier start, and looking for a professional who could help them figure out all aspects of the game or even give predictions for upcoming sporting events.

Finding such a person is not so difficult, because all social networks are full of specialists of this kind. Many different betters offer their training services or match predictions, but finding a really good option among them will be very difficult. The fact is that many people try to earn money in this way and sell their services without being experts. They are simply looking for easy money and by and large they don’t care that as a result of their poor-quality tips someone may lose their real money.

Unfortunately, the majority of experts are ones of this kind of people, because there is nothing easier than to play on the trust of novice betters and get some profit on it. However, there are those in the network who really can boast considerable experience in betting and can sell their services for several reasons. Almost always, it is a question of practicing betters, who place their own bets and help to bet some other betters on a paid basis. So they have an additional source of income, which can bring them profit regardless of the results of the matches. Nevertheless, it is important to note that such professionals can give excellent recommendations and will be useful tutors for beginner betters. Some of them even conduct special training programs that will help the newcomer to quickly get used to and get their first profit. The hardest thing is to be able to distinguish such a professional from those guys who just want to take your money. Also, do not forget to play only on proven venues, such as PinUp betting.

Here are some tips on how to find a professional mentor

  1. Statistics in live mode. Professionals are not afraid to share their statistics. And this is not just a document that can be generated by opening the results of previous matches and copying it all to yourself. The exact statistics is important, where it will be visible when messages with forecasts are sent. You should also pay attention to the fact that some messages can be deleted by the author, so frequency is also important. For example, if he posts an average of 3 recommendations per day, then this should be relevant for almost every day. Messages should not be edited and among them will definitely be those recommendations that have not played. No better can constantly win. If everything looks too perfect, then most likely they are trying to deceive you.
  2. Experience. Every better who calls himself a professional should have a good experience in this matter. It is best to follow from when the person began to make recommendations. If this happened a few weeks ago, then you should not pay attention to it.
  3. Community. Every professional player is not afraid to create a chat in which he will freely speak with his subscribers about the results of matches and analyze his own victories and mistakes.