Le Petit Dummy updates

Since launching Le Petit Dummy a couple days ago, we’ve been getting tons of really positive feedback:

“What a fun iPhone app! Le Petit Dummy. My kids are obsessed. So am I.” — @ravenme

“Le Petit Dummy in the Apple Appstore is awesome, funny, easy and beatifully executed.” — @boristerzic

“Le Petit Dummy iPhone app is full of lulz, get it now!!” — @samin

But we’ve also received some negative feedback about the pricing schema. Specifically, people are confused about what is a premium feature and how many times they have to pay for them. So let us clarify how these work in the current version of the app. The following are the premium features:

  • Add your own photos
  • Add your own audio recordings
  • Premium teeth

Each of these features is a 1-time upgrade. Once you purchase “Add your own photos” you can add as many as you want, without paying for that feature again. The same goes for recording audio and using a set of premium teeth. However, adding photos and recording audio are 2 separate premium features, which surprised some customers. So in order to make this process more clear, we’ve submitted a new version to the App Store that combines the “Add Audio” and “Add Photos” features into 1 upgrade. Once you pay for one, you get them both.

Lowering the price

This new audio/photo feature will cost $2.99, as opposed to $3.98 for both features separately (prices reflect the US store). Since the App Store approval process can take a couple of weeks, we have reduced the price of the “Add audio” feature in the mean-time. This lowers the cost of the combined premium features by 0.99 to match the new pricing schema.

This is our first attempt at in-app-purchases, so we’re still figuring out what works and what doesn’t. If you have any feedback related to this or otherwise, drop us a note at admin@theclassicspresents.com.