Top 3 Tactics that will lead you to victory on Dust 2 in CS:GO

Dust 2 is one of the most popular maps in CS:GO. Perhaps only Mirage can compete with it. However, it’s safe to say that Dust 2 is one of the main maps, because the childhood of many Counter-Strike fans passed away on this map.

However, despite the seeming simplicity of this map, many players often make the wrong tactical decisions that lead to defeat. In this article we will talk about five tactics and tips that will help you win more matches on this map. If you’re looking for cases to play, you should use

Control long

One of the most important aspects of winning a round for the terrorist side on Dust 2 is long control. Why is it so important? This way on plant A is pretty wide, so it’s likely that your team will not be easily bombarded with fragmentation grenades, and you do not need to check as many dangerous positions as, for example, when you go to B. That said, in order to successfully get to long, you should definitely consider the fact that it is impossible to do so without grenades. 

So you should make a proper spread. Also be sure to use flash, but keep in mind that very often the exit from the double door is checked by the sniper, who can kill you even blinded. With this information in mind, don’t kill your opponent right after the flash, but rather choose a more convenient timing.

Fast mid

At medium matchmaking levels, CT side players are mostly familiar with basic smokes and Hammer spreads. One of the most popular smokes for the defending side is the smoke on mid so that the terrorists do not know how many players have run to defend plant B. This smoke also allows players to get away from the terrorist sniper who is waiting for them at their base.

One good method of countering such smokes is a quick approach to mid. Of course, if you’re playing with a team and have a clear plan of action, it’s not worth playing that aggressively. However, if you are trying to drag the game solo, for example, when the situation is not too rosy, you should definitely try a quick run to mid, since most of the time CT side players will not expect such risky exits.

Control the short

Perhaps the easiest direction to control on the Dust 2 map is short. Going short most of the time is easy for terrorists for one simple reason: it is very difficult for defense players to control. All of the defense positions on this map have pretty awkward angles, and so a flash thrown by the attacking players usually saves the situation and allows you to grab the spot.

Capturing and controlling short is important, because from it you can develop an attack at any timing. From here you can both go to the A plant and the B plant quickly. However, don’t forget to throw smoke on the mid, as the enemy sniper usually checks this position, so without smoke the exit may not be as successful.

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