What are the risks of buying Instagram followers

When you order the purchase of followers, a non targeted audience subscribes to the account. As a rule, they are schoolchildren who are trying to earn money to pay for their cell phone. They won’t look at the posts and definitely won’t buy anything.

How will Instagram’s algorithm react to this? Engagement is the main metric Instagram uses to display your posts to users. If your profile has a lot of random followers, your target audience won’t see the posts. Offers won’t watch or like anything, which will further undervalue the profile’s reach.

When buying followers will be relevant

  1. You need 10,000 subscribers to post a link.
  2. You need to encourage people to subscribe – an empty profile is reluctant to do so.
  3. You want to sell ads at a higher price.

Note that if your profile has many followers, but few likes, people will immediately realize you were buying subscribers. Also, when buying ads, many bloggers check the profile. In this case, you will not only lose the advertiser, but you can also lose your reputation. Thus, if you plan to further promote your brand and sell products or services in Instagram, buying subscribers will bring you more disadvantages than advantages. It is better to use other ways of promotion. Although there are many situations when a service like https://poprey.com/instagram_followers can be very useful for you.

Services for recruiting real subscribers to Instagram

There are various automatic promotion services for Instagram. What do they do? A special program looks at stories, likes photos and subscribes to an audience selected according to the right criteria. That is, mass liking and mass following works. However, there are problems here as well. Instagram does not like high activity in the profile. If you get a lot of one-type activity from one IP-address, your account can be frozen for a few days, or blocked forever.

In addition, users are already tired of being liked by strangers or stores. But some of them will subscribe, and they will be really interested people. True, they will be few. You can use another tactic – mass looking. This promotion format is not boring yet. The main thing is that you need to look at stories in not popular accounts. Owners of profiles with thousands of subscribers will not look closely to see who viewed them.

Ways to buy subscribers without risk

  • Targeted advertising. It is good for both store and personal brand promotion. Ads can be customized by location, gender, age, interests, etc. The settings are very flexible, and it is easy to reach the target audience. Targeting is quite expensive and only works well if set up by an expert. But advertising brings real subscribers who will be active in the profile and make purchases. Note that if you sell inexpensive goods that are bought quickly (jewelry, flowers, sweets, etc.), targeting advertising will boost sales, but not gain followers.
  • Advertising from bloggers. This is also an effective way. You can buy advertising (the amount depends on the popularity of the blogger) or agree to barter. Be sure to study the account of the performer before submitting the advertisement. A good indicator is if the blogger has at least 10% of subscribers’ likes under his posts. But you can also buy hearts. Be sure to read the comments: if they are meaningful, it means they were left by a real user, not an offer.
  • Contests. This method requires money, which means that it is also a paid method. There are different options for running a contest on Instagram. The optimal option is to run an individual giveaway or team up with other bloggers who have an overlapping TA. This way you will have the opportunity to find a lot of new instagram followers.