What is a hidden object game?

Hidden object games are very widespread. They are able to interest the child and the adult. Their design has not been much changed since the first games of this genre. Of course, it has changed but only slightly, because the design is not the main parameter characterizing such games. Object search games are familiar to everyone. Their principle is based on finding items that are hidden in a certain area of ​​the game. Each game can have many different rooms and items that are hidden there. The main task of the player is to search for these items. Sometimes this process may be limited in time. Depending on the complexity of the game, it may have other complications.

Let’s look at the main elements of which the object search game consists of

In the first place will be a room or any other area where you need to find certain items

In different games you can meet different locations. This may be an old house, basement, forest, beach, hotel, kitchen, other rooms of the house or any place at all. It may even be another planet. It is limited only by the imagination of the creators of the game. Each of the games consists of several rooms that are connected by a scenario.

Hidden items

In each of the proposed rooms are several hidden items that the player will need to find. It can be whole objects, parts of objects, letters, numbers and other elements. Their number may be different in each room and you can find them only by using some specific effort.


It is a very important element of such games. After all, the script must keep the player’s interest throughout the game. Scenarios can be childish or adult. For children, a simple script with a simple plot can be created. Attract the attention of adults is more difficult, so there are often used scenarios with elements of a detective or even horror. As an example, we can call an old house with ghosts whose secrets need to be solved. And this can only be done by carefully searching for items in the various rooms of this house.


Any game is doomed to failure if there are no characters in it. It could be anyone. For children, can be chosen cartoon characters or animated children. For adult players can be used a variety of characters depending on the scenario of the game.


Although this element is not very significant for such games, they still pay attention to it. This is due to the fact that technologies are improving every year and a primitive design can scare away players.

These are just a few of the basic elements that are used by the creators of object search games. You can play such games on this website https://toomkygames.com/free-download-games/genre/hidden-object. There you will find many games for every taste. It is important to note that the games on the search for objects can be not only interesting, but also useful. During the search for objects, the brain zone is used, which is responsible for the human attention. Over time, it begins to evolve and with a regular game in the object search you can yourself feel this result. The attentiveness of people increases.

That is why parents often give such games to their children. Indeed, in addition to mindfulness, their thinking improves during the game and children can develop. This method is very practical, since children will still play games, it is difficult to ban. But by showing them the game to search for hidden objects, you can captivate them with really useful work. Such games can be offered to a child at an early age and with time you will be able to see the result for yourself. But do not let them sit in front of the monitor for too long. After all, it can negatively affect the vision of the child.