What things to do after smoking weed

Why do we love smoking cannabis? Because it makes the world magical. But there are a few things and situations that only weed reveals much more deeply. What’s the best thing to do after smoking?


It’s been said for ages that cinema is the most important of the arts. And the same wisdom holds true for aa weed fans, getting addicted to a flick is about as much fun as watching it after smoking a cigarette, especially if it’s really good. Whether you see a movie at home or go to a real cinema, the result is the same. Science hasn’t really been able to answer why, but after smoking weed the meaning of films is deeper, the dialogue is more meaningful, the special effects are more atmospheric, and the humour is funnier. And if you’re in a cinema, you’re totally immersed.


After smoking, the food tastes better. If it’s something sweet or flavourful, you get it in your mouth and it explodes in your brain with a powerful charge of pleasure. To satisfy that hunger, it takes a lot of tasty food. It’s not for nothing that cannabis is prescribed to chemotherapy patients. By eliminating nausea, it boosts hunger so exhausted people can eat normally. And how exciting it is to go to restaurants after smoking it! It doesn’t matter whether it’s McDonald’s or French haute cuisine. Anything will do for a good smoker.


Cannabis exacerbates the senses. Therefore smoking cannabis before sex can serve as an aphrodisiac and exacerbate passion, lust and tenderness. If your partner does not smoke, you can smoke it on your own without having to say so. Cannabis has another interesting property: it loosens up and removes psychological barriers, as well as increases emotional involvement. Love and sex are great destinations for this energy.

Computer games 

Just as in the case of movies, cannabis provides a full immersion in the world of reverie in the case of computer games as well. When you’ve smoked a good quality cannabis smoke, start playing your favourite games straight away. A captivating binge for a couple of hours is guaranteed! Separate talk is virtual reality helmets, cool slot machines, simulators and the like. Get high and go to the salon, you’ll be surprised – how much fun and cool there is!


Find a great vibe when you attend a concert of your favourite band or singer. Or maybe it’s a symphonic evening or a theatre with an opera. Sometimes it’s the perfect way to spice things up with a good cannabis fix – whatever your taste.

Talking to friends 

Even if there’s nothing exciting going on around you, crack a joint with a close friend and talk about life and business. Pot will increase the spiritedness and trustworthiness of your conversation, especially – if you haven’t seen each other in a while. Make a tea party with cannabis and you can sit in the kitchen for hours without realising how much fun the time has passed! If you want to buy good cannabis, visit lady jane express. Here you’ll have the opportunity to legally buy proven cannabis from a trustworthy seller.